New York Roads - NY 197/US 4

NY 197 and 197/US 4

An old alignment appears as I head east from US 9.

At Rogers Island in Fort Edward, at least the eastern of the two Hudson River bridges is old.

Both halves of the Hudson have railroad bridges, or at least the piers, that are old as well.

EB (US 4 SB) and WB (4 NB) under that same railroad, with another old bridge. This railroad trestle is no longer along the Delaware & Hudson Railway, formerly Railroad. In fact, the name still exists, but the owner is Canadian Pacific. The line connects/connected Montreal to New York, obviously by winding its way up the Hudson River. The I-87 sign points east along NY 197 at the southeastern end of the concurrency.

Before I get to that turn, all of these are along the side of NY 197/US 4.

Continuing east to Argyle, where NY 197 ends at NY 40. Moses Kill sounds like the last name I'd expect from Protestant settlers. Maybe it's a twisted Passover reference.

This is what Moses Kill looks like. The water has surprisingly not turned to blood, nor are there swarms of locusts. You do get rapids in discrete (fast shutter) and continuous (slow shutter) varieties.

Looking east from that spot at the 19th-century (possibly, maybe, 18th?) NY 197 arch bridge I just enjoyed crossing.

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