New York Roads - NY 17M/Old NY 17

NY 17M, former NY 17

The end of NY 17M, which used to have a ramp onto NY 17 WB (and a corresponding EB offramp) at Exit 118A. This made sense because 17M was the original route of 17. Now it still begins here but there are no longer any ramps, so it just magically disappears into Sands Rd.

Looking back up the old WB onramp. There isn't a trace left of the EB ramp.

Back before Exit 124 had an A and a B, taken in 1976 by Michael Summa. (124A is really NY 207 south, but it ends right there at NY 17A.)

Speaking of Exit 124, a former road in the weeds splits off of NY 17M in Goshen just east of NY 17A and NY 207, and this just happens to be former NY 17. Most of the old road was overlaid by the next mile of freeway.

WB courtesy John Krakoff.

Oddly spaced county shield, WB.

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