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NY 17K

Sullivan CR 171, former NY 17, eastbound leaving Bloomingburg courtesy J.P. Nasiatka and submitted by Doug Kerr. Plenty of original signage here that dates to when this still was NY 17 and the Quickway had not yet been constructed. The reason this is on the NY 17K page is because the left turn is the original beginning of NY 17K, which now starts just ahead at the Quickway interchange.

Speaking of which, here NY 17K begins at NY 17. I-86 is sometime in the future, not too distantly, but not yet.

WB in Montgomery at the Wallkill River.

Looking south on then-future (now-current) Drury Lane, a realignment of Orange CR 54 on the west side of Stewart Airport that changes the county route into a state highway: NY 747. (Airport - 747 - get it?) This relocation takes NY 747 away from a few buildings along the rest of Drury Lane, which is now a dead-end.

Looking west on NY 17K from the now-end of NY 747, and then a closeup of one of the bicycle-safe grates that's not yet safe enough (it needs the final coat of pavement around it).

And finally, looking north at Stone Castle Road, which is being realigned by a few feet to line up perfectly with NY 747, instead of with an industrial building.

In Newburgh, eastbound past US 9W/NY 32 approaching the Hudson River.

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