New York Roads - NY 157A

NY 157A

This route is a V-shaped dogleg, spending most of its life southbound before bouncing back northeast to reconnect with NY 157. So when I say photos are EB or WB, it's because NY 157 travels east-west between the ends of 157A. Except for roadgeeking, there's no reason to follow the entire route. It really should follow CR 252 down to NY 443, but then a 157B or 443A would be needed for the other leg.

EB (south) from NY 157 to Warner's Lake, the turning point in the route (at CR 252).

WB entering the lake community in East Berne.

I went exploring Chase Rd. as a potential old alignment, and came across The Old Road. So off I went.

About halfway through, the road went from passable old pavement and pea gravel into rutted, puddled dirt. There's one property left on the road, and even though they're on the eastern side of the curve, apparently their access heads west, because there's a lot less maintenance beyond that point. I fear at some point, this will turn into a driveway and most of the old road will be lost.

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