New York Roads - NY 157

NY 157

These WB and EB photos seem like perfect complements to each other (well, besides the awful font in the first photo), except for the fact that they're at different intersections. CR 256 is a shortcut around the north side of Thompsons Lake for those following NY 157 into John Boyd Thacher State Park. The first photo is at the west end of the route along Ketcham Rd., and the second photo is at the east end.

WB at the west end, a normal number gets patched over with the ubiquitous stencil font.

Somewhere in Thacher State Park, courtesy John Krakoff.

Somewhere else in the park, at one of the pullouts along the north side of the road, Indian Ladder Falls is visible in the distance on another face of the escarpment.

While stopped, I take in the views to the north, panning from left to right on this foggy July morning.

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