New York Roads - NY 146

Above: Lewis Rd. NB, west of Altamont.

All WB. At the Schoharie County line, NY 146 turns to N-S even though it only has a few more miles to go.

Old EB stuff through Altamont. The 158 shield has the old New York font.

WB at School Rd. in Guilderland Center in the snow, and then past NY 158.

More old EB stuff west of the US 20 junction.

First sign heading east from US 20 pre-dawn.

Union St. EB at Brandywine Ave. in Schenectady.

The sun begins to rise as I cross the Mohawk River.

The view looking north at the NY 146 bridge from Riverview Rd., Saratoga CR 91.

On CR 91 itself, an original cast iron sign obviously repainted but at least not taken down.

New and ugly EB shields. The first, the newest style, leaves too much black on all sides of the shield, a reaction to the previous new style in the second photo with far too wide of a hump.

This unusually numbered route is old NY 146 into Mechanicville. It's far higher than the other county routes in Saratoga. Here's what happened, and this is entirely how other people explained it: Part of NY 146, between US 9 and US 4, is legislatively numbered State Highway 1345. For some reason, that has never been made clear. I don't see why the entire route can't be internally numbered what it is externally, but then again a lot of counties have a dual numbering system as well. Anyway, Saratoga County has a history of numbering county routes the same as the former state routes that went that way - that's why there are CR 338 and 339 - so it would have made sense to make this CR 146. But then you'd have two 146's intersecting, and it would be nice (not mandatory by any means) to avoid that. Saratoga dug deep and managed to find this other number for 146, and here you go.

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