New York Roads - NY 13 - Sullivanville Rd. stub

NY 13 - Sullivanville Rd. stub

To recap: NY 13 was cut off by a reservoir, this is the piece south of Vargo Road. To the north, West Sullivanville Road comes into Sullivanville Road in a Y intersection - but both legs of the Y point in the same direction! It's very difficult to turn right from W. Sullivanville Road onto Sullivanville Rd., which to me seems like the original intersection with NY 13. I believe that later on, NY 13 was realigned to continue straighter instead of curving into that intersection, but the original road remained open. Then, of course, NY 13 was rerouted around Sullivanville and the reservoir, and both old roads are still in use.

Northward look, with Vargo Rd. to the right, the open Sullivanville Road straight ahead, and the closed road behind me.

Walking onto the first section of old alignment, where the road has been rubbleized.

Piece of original concrete roadway sits among later asphalt overlay, on the side of the closed road.

The machine that tore up the pavement didn't quite get to the shoulder (which still has its stripe), but it left a orderly series of indentations in the pavement.

Continuing on, the pavement returns once more.

The centerline of the original concrete shows through the asphalt as the grass down the middle of the old road, while I can't explain the appearance of a double-gray pavement "stripe."

A real stripe.

Dusky conditions start to beset my camera, but we come to yet another gate. What lies ahead?

Old guiderail, for one thing.

And the pavement here gets overgrown again, for another. When the reservoir level rises, this part of the old roadway floods, so vegetation has encroached much more quickly than to the north.

This isn't the original concrete - this is sand that has washed over the roadway and then fissured according to the concrete below the asphalt.

And now the gem of this page - the old road starts to head under the water (no dam needed here, downhill is to the south).

Remains of an old bridge over a creek just shy of the edge of the reservoir.

Hold your breath, we're going under!

Nah, let's go home instead.

Heading back north from the reservoir.

Heading back toward Vargo Road from the second gate.
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