New York Roads - NY 13

NY 13

Southbound at NY 17, which is ready to become I-86 as soon as the Horseheads Bypass opens.

This sign is somewhat older than the reservoir just north of it. It sits at the side of a parking lot, facing no one in particular, but it once was painted brightly and sat just off the shoulder of NY 13 SB. NY 13 was realigned over a hill when the reservoir was built directly on top of the old alignment, severing Sullivanville Road just north of NY 223. Below is the small southern stub, which remains (gated) to serve a single house that sits in the shadow of the reservoir. The northern stub is on its own page.

Looking northward from the parking lot; NY 13 would have gone straight in this photo.

Walking to the gate, where the double stripes end (likely signifying the end of state maintenance of the parking lot area).

Continuing on to the reservoir.

Now turned around and walking back toward the parking lot.

Courtesy Doug Kerr, on NY 13 in DeRuyter.

NY 13 NB, US 20/NY 5 EB in Cazenovia at E. Lake Rd.

Courtesy Doug Kerr and John Krakoff respectively, old state park sign and a much older sign NB at the attraction itself. The "C" around the state name is for "Central," which I imagine works less well for E and W.

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