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Secret NY 910F - Northway

Looking south at the stub end of the Northway from the NB lanes. In the background is US 20, which would have passed underneath the highway. The Northway was intended to continue parallel to the Thruway as free I-87, making a loop with the end of I-787, as I describe on my I-87 Northway page (linked below).

SB up to the very last reference marker, which I think is the only old-style one on the route.

Words defy the hideousness of Crossgates Mall Road signage. SB.

Legislative Mile 0 for the I-87 part of the Northway, directly above I-90. However, I-87 NB follows a long, sweeping ramp around, so it hasn't yet merged in, making this technically still on NY 910F (if it were a signed route, anyway).

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