New York Roads - I-95 - Bruckner Expwy./New England Thruway

I-95: Bruckner Expressway and New England Thruway

An old EB Bruckner/NB I-95 gantry. The PELHAM PKWY WEST sign is about as old as BGS's get in NY (all caps), so click for a closeup.

Pelham Parkway WB, with a state-name shield.

Still EB. Still on the Bruckner. If you cheat and scroll down, you'll see Exit 11 is on the New England Thruway. In fact, Exit 11 is several miles ahead of Exit 12. Why? The great renumbering of I-95 from partially mile-based/partially sequential to fully sequential is very fitful. It reached these signs on I-95 NB/Bruckner EB before it got up the NET at all, creating the sequence 8-10-12/7-8, where 12 and 7 are the same exit... A total mess, worse than the 1C/3 fiasco described above.

Another WB frontage road sign, this one far enough northeast to include the upcoming I-695 exit.

Five gantries heading WB on the Bruckner/SB on I-95, approaching I-695, and the final ancient ground sign at that interchange which is bound to be replaced any day now (and needs it badly). Until April 2008, technically (according to the FHWA), the short I-695 (labeled by NYSDOT) was SPUR I-295, since I-295 runs northwest smack into the Bruckner Interchange. However, NYSDOT ignored the official Interstate designation and used the last spare even x95, and pestered the FHWA until April 2008 when finally they relented and recognized I-695 as a real route. Even NYSDOT's I-695 designation was a change from the original (which was probably just considered a wye of I-295), so older signage shows only I-295, while new signage sports the 695 shields. Notice the old diagrammatic sign (first photo), as well as the tacked-on I-695 shield.

Still SB, now at I-278 (and turning very much WB at this point). Click on the second photo for a nighttime version from the 1970's, courtesy Michael Summa - only the size of the KEEP LEFT/RIGHT on the bottom has changed (and yes, those are the exact same signs, not even replacements). The Bruckner Expressway continues down I-278, ending at the Triboro Bridge and Major Deegan Expressway (the beginning of I-87). The Bruckner Interchange is very old and complicated, built up from a circle to one of the most confusing things out there. What's interesting is that the I-80/US 46/NJ 23 circle in Totowa, NJ, is every bit as confusing, and also started as just a circle. Hmmm.

Since replaced, in the background of the last photo above, you can see that signs continue on I-95 as it goes to merge into the Cross Bronx Expressway. Since the Bruckner just left as I-278, these signs are in a nether region in terms of highway names (or just on a ramp), even though they were definitely on I-95. In the last photo you can see a yellow lane drop sign and a warning to keep left for I-95. This is where I-95 SB narrows to one lane, while the merging I-295 gets two. If space were less restricted, I-95 SB should probably have three lanes and the Cross Bronx WB five.

SB at Buhre Ave., but there's no road overhead, just a pedestrian overpass.

All NB on the New England Thruway. Yes, the Exit 15 advance BGS is identical to the exit BGS, so no it's not a doubled photo. The last picture is the Thruway's NB tollbooth, showcasing a huge I-95 shield (far larger than any other Interstate shield I've ever seen). It used to be bidirectional, but the SB side was given a break to expand volume and prevent excessive delays at the tolls. This is the only toll heading away from NYC, all others are toward. Click on it for a closeup of the big shield.

All SB, all button copy, down to the pull-through sign at Exit 11. Nothing beats a button copy sunset.

I lied. Original 1950 toll road shields beat a button copy sunset. These are in Mamaroneck, but as long as they might be around, I intend to not print the exact location. Click on each sign for a different closeup.

All NB. The last one is on the ramp from I-95 NB to I-287 WB, the Cross Westchester Expressway. The right lane is for US 1 NB.

Yes, the NET is part of the NY Thruway system. Yes, there is a toll (only NB, though). That doesn't warrant the only appearance of the Thruway shield I know of on the I-95 corridor (here in Rye), nor does it warrant an off-center TO SOUTH.

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