New York Roads - I-95/US 1 - Cross Bronx Expwy.

I-95 and I-95/US 1: Cross Bronx Expressway

I-95 (US 1) Northbound/Cross Bronx Eastbound

The Trans-Manhattan Expressway recently regressed from mileage-based exit numbering to sequential. Thus what was once 1C, as in these pictures, is now Exit 3. The problem with this is that the Cross Bronx has just started renumbering (and seems to have stalled out), so that the current exit progression is 1-2-3-2A. Problem. Even worse is the fact that signs like this one still remained for awhile, so that half the signage pointed you to Exit 3, and half still showed Exit 1C. Also notice that BGS's on this stretch of I-95 were originally unnumbered (freeway opened in 1964). The 1C in the photo above was tacked on, and there is no 2A on the BGS below. Finally, note that the I-95 shield has fallen off by summer 2005 - maybe there will be new signs here next year.

Mercifully temporary signs on the Exit 3 (ex-1C) ramp after it's twirled around in a 180, and the ramp to I-87 NB passing under the Washington Bridge. The "No Turn on Red" sign is humorously misplaced here, as it really ought to be on each level of the George Washington Bridge where one first enters the city.

What the Cross Bronx is known for. Taken from the Washington Bridge onramp.

In addition to the two old US 1 shields you see in this NB run, the last photo includes a VERY old I-95 shield. The stylish orange/black sign and the RIDOT I-87 shield are for ramp reconstruction, but only passenger cars can use Exit 2A to follow it.

I-95 (US 1) Southbound/Cross Bronx Westbound

It was late at night, so I didn't really catch where the second photo was. It's okay, because you can't really see it (an onramp sign).

The last photo is courtesy Mike Byrnes, replacing my partial rainout.

Once you get to the old Exit 1C signage (it's now Exit 3 from the Trans-Manhattan, which went back to sequential), you can see that these old signs have discrete exit tab panels. The two generations of RIDOT (non-cutout) shields are for Exit 1C, to use the Washington Bridge through Manhattan during never-ending construction along the SB Trans-Manhattan Expwy.

Here's what that construction looked like in March 2013, part of a deck reconstruction on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge that ultimately added some merge space for the I-87 onramp. I offer plenty of views of the parallel Washington Bridge, starting at Undercliff Ave., along with the High Bridge Water Tower that marks the west end of the High Bridge aqueduct. The last photo is the northern ramp abutment for the I-95 NB-Washington Bridge EB ramp, new superstructure (as of 2013) sitting on original brickface.
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