New York Roads - I-84/I-87/NY 300 interchange

I-84, I-87, NY 300 interchange

This was the second stop of the October 2009 Highland Road Meet. To find out more about it, click the link at the bottom of the page.

Starting off on NY 300 SB at the former cloverleaf with I-84. The outside (finger) ramp bent around the trees in the first photo, and the loop came back in the middle of the second photo.

Looking back north at the original divergence point of the SB-WB ramp.

Facing south again, with the new overpass from I-87 to I-84 WB in the foreground and the new toll plaza in the background. Before this project, traffic between the two Interstates passed through a traffic light on NY 300 and the only access from between I-87 and NY 300 to/from the south was via NY 17K. Everything has been fixed, except that the 17K link has been broken, at least for now.

The former NY 300 NB-I-84 WB loop ramp, which was temporarily converted to allow SB traffic to use it as well during construction. Because of conflict with the direct I-84 WB ramp to I-87, this loop is no longer functional, but still is fully signed.

Heading south on NY 300 by car to the other side of the former NY 17K connector overpass, now used for construction staging. The Thruway Authority wants to make sure you find their highway, but do you go up or down to get to it?

Walking back north toward the overpass. Dirt is piled up inside the former loop from I-87 to NY 300 NB and I-84. That was a lot of traffic for just a little loop.

Old signs from the eastbound connector. The first, sitting by now-useless guiderail, pointed traffic to I-84 WB along NY 300 NB and may have been temporary, as it's Clearview and shows nothing for I-84 EB (the remaining destinations are for NY 17K).

Looking west along the old connector at the old toll plaza, still connected to the toll building and completely removed from the roadway network.

But the connector is not going to be abandoned. This new hut, whatever it's meant for, signals that there will be an E-ZPass only electronically tolled ramp from I-87 directly to NY 17K along the old connector route. NY 17K traffic back to the Thruway has to head up NY 300 to the new connection point.

Looking north at the I-87 side of the plaza.

We interrupt this page for the Nash Metropolitan.

We found this rusting specimen in a former gas station by all of the construction. The California license plate has been sitting there since the 1950s, as likely has the car. I hope it finds a loving home!

Heading up to and through the new tolls from NY 300 to I-87 and looking back north at the newly paved ramps with I-84 behind them.

Bonus post-construction content, following the NB-only slip ramp from I-87 to NY 17K, the last vestige of the original trumpet. The former toll approach from 17K is now striped out and you can see how there used to be 2 lanes from the plaza through to 17K.

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