New York Roads - I-86/NY 17

I-86, NY 17 (for now): Southern Tier Expwy.

NY 430 EB at NY 426, just across from PA and the place that's been I-86 the longest, so it should know better. You also get a PA colored detour along for the ride.

I-86/NY 17 mainline
Horseheads Bypass photos
I-86/NY 17/I-81 construction
I-81 and I-86/NY 17/I-81

NY 17 (current/future I-86) east of Binghamton

Former NY 17 alignments

E. River Rd. EB at Stanton Hill Rd, and vice versa (NB). E. River Rd. is former NY 283, and Stanton Hill road helps connect it to the rest of former NY 283 that was cut off by NY 17. These cracked and non-reflective signs must date from the construction of the 17 freeway.

Into Pennsylvania on I-86
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