New York Roads - I-81 - N. of Watertown

north of Watertown

SB into construction for the new (2012) Fort Drum Connector, I-781. The last photo shows a post hole borer, probably for a future sign gantry. The first sign will be replaced by an Exit 48A assembly that shows Fort Drum traffic using that exit instead of the old 48.

Starting with concrete deck machines poised on either side of the bridge, and ending with a few photos of the future SB trumpet ramps to and from I-781.

Looking back north at the future I-781 overpass.

Closer to the border, you start seeing these. Doug Kerr saw the first one, and the newer one is north of Exit 46. Those crazy Canadians, saving space and putting TO inside their shields! Shields are just for numbers, nothing else!

SHIELDS! courtesy Averill Hecht. They only look new because the photos are old. It's very possible that the first shield is the same one I photographed in 2008 at the top of this page.

The Thousand Island Bridge lights shine brightly at night. Trucks are advised to keep 500 feet apart on the NY side and 150 meters apart on the Canadian side. Okay, everyone, get 8 meters closer! The last photo is on Wellesley Island, the biggest NY-owned island in the Thousand and the most populated on either side of the border.

Boating eastward under the bridge, with one last look back west at the Wellesley Island side, courtesy Carl Tessier.

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