Alps' Roads Special - Highland Road Meet

Highland Road Meet, October 3, 2009

Front row: John Krakoff, C.C. Slater, Anthony Costanzo, Scott Davis (with father behind). Back row: Myself, Doug Kerr, Dylan Lainhart, Adam Moss, H.B. Elkins, Dan Case.

The highlight of this meet was the reopening of the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge. I had limited time to get up to Highland, so I opted for the simple route: NJ 23, I-287, NY 17 to NY 32. After exploring a couple of old alignments, I peeled off to Ulster CR 32 in Firthcliffe because it looked like NY 32 had gone that way once. Turns out it hadn't, so I took Ulster CR 9 up to NY 218 and into US 9W. It was the usual Newburgh bypass of River Rd./Water St. and up Balmville Rd. back to 9W, seeking out more old alignments as I headed north. The last interesting road (Perkinsville Rd.) took me back out to Ulster CR 11, and from there I obediently followed US 9W.
We ate dinner in Poughkeepsie that night, ending up missing the bridge ceremonies for the most part but enjoying a good meal with good company and the traffic lights you see to the left. The special arrows are on Cannon St. WB and the four-signal face with a bulb out is on Market St. SB at that point, where it becomes one-way NB. That's why you can't turn left, although having the signal arrows tell you that is awkward.
The next morning, Doug, John, C.C., and I took a short jaunt before the meet. We drove out NY 299 and looked at old 299, then went up Ulster CR 7 to Ulster CR 6 and 6A. That took us up to NY 213, which we explored along with the old 213 and Bruceville Rd., and headed east to the Wallkill Valley railroad bridge over Rondout Creek at the Ulster CR 7 junction (photos are on that page). We continued on 213 to the Rondout Creek bridge with NY 32and followed 213/32 down to NY 213 alone again, where we looked at Perrine's Bridge (a covered bridge in the shadow of I-87). With time getting short, we followed 213 (and old 213) to Ulster CR 25, New Salem Rd., and came back down US 9W to the meet. Well, not exactly - we detoured onto River Rd., Ulster CR 24, where we saw the lighthouse in the middle of the Hudson River that you can see in the photo below. We walked over to the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge and participated in the Walkway Over the Hudson official grand opening. See that page for all of the festivities we encountered. Not satiated with just a bridge, the meet came back and headed down US 9W and I-84 to the I-84/87/NY 300 interchange, which was under construction during the Poughkeepsie Meet in 2007 but is now open. At this point, the remaining meet participants left, marking the first meet I have attended where the meet did not conclude in the same location it began. The rest of us headed back to Highland and shared stories for the night.
The next morning, I was up at 6 AM and realized I could be home by 9 AM and start my day with some Ultimate ("Frisbee" to most people, but that's a trademark). I went the fastest free route I knew: the same way I came up minus any detours (US 9W to NY 32, NY 17, I-287 and home). So there wasn't much to talk about besides on the meet day itself, but this was a unique opportunity for something I may not witness again - the day of a major bridge opening.

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