New York Roads - Hadley Bow Br.

Hadley Bow Bridge

Old Corinth Rd. SB from Saratoga CRs 1 and 4 to the northern approach of the bridge.

The Hadley Bow or Parabolic Bridge, open in 1885 and closed in 1983. The deck was removed in 1993, and it looked like the rest of the bridge was a goner. But the town and county stepped up, put in a new deck, and refurbished the bridge so well that it doesn't even have a weight limit.

Looking west along the Sacandaga River at the railroad bridge just upstream. The rapids are heading down to the Hudson River junction at Lake Luzerne.

This is no bend in the river. This is the Hudson, coming in from Rockwell Falls to the left and entering the lake to the right.

Continuing south across the river. There's not much on the other side.

An odd-angled look back north.

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