New York Roads - Green Island

Green Island

Albany Ave. EB over the Green Island Bridge. On the other side (with another photo) is US 4.

A different vantage, looking northwest from Prospect Park in Troy.

A unique signal from a bygone era, George St. NB at Arch St. (which has the red light in the second photo). Also a unique, as in red, NTOR sign.

Just below the signal is a similarly old fire hydrant from Oskaloosa.

What makes the signal unique is that it's not three heads and a left-turn arrow. It's three heads and a walk signal. That's not really eye level for pedestrians. Of course, there aren't many cars anyway, so I imagine there has never been a problem with this neon indication.

Arch St. WB from there. It's a fairly old railroad crossing missing the black visor on one of the signals, but you may notice there doesn't appear to be a railroad there.

Looking north and south at the intersection, it becomes apparent that it has been quite a few years since the tracks were pulled up. All of the material somehow remains here, but grass and weeds have completely grown in over the spur, and the trees and bushes have staked their claim as well. The signs can't be much more than 30 years old, but regardless of whether it's been even as much as 5 years, wouldn't you think the railroad company would claim its materials or else that the town would trash them?

In a parking lot off of Tibbits Ave. John Krakoff showed me the first one and provided me with this photo of the second one.

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