New York Roads - Washington CR 70/Saratoga CR 42

Washington CR 70 and Saratoga CR 42

Two very old historical markers, both using styles that have been gone since the Republicans and Democrats switched ends of the political spectrum. These are westbound, approaching the uncrossable bridge.

The first reassurance within Washington County, heading east from the uncrossable bridge. It's pretty useless, because you would already have seen some sort of reassurance if you made it to the river and were forced to turn around, and if you hadn't, then Washington County should have put this sign where it would be more useful. Maybe the two counties plan to reopen the bridge someday, either by rehabbing or completely replacing it.

Now, the uncrossable bridge (from the eastern shore of the Hudson River), as constructed by R.F. Hawkins. No slight to the guy, because bridges nowadays are designed to about 50-60 years, not easily double that lifespan for this truss.

Continuing across to the western shore and Saratoga County.

Pausing for a closeup of one of the truss joints. The metal may be thin, but there's a lot of it.

Saratoga CR 42 WB, as far as the snow plows could make it. Notice that unlike Washington County, Saratoga doesn't remind uncrossable-bridge crossers what route they're now following.

Back onto the bridge, let's explore a little bit...

Looking south at the Hudson River.

Looking down at the Hudson River. I have trouble crossing bridges with more hole than surface.

Looking north at the Hudson River, and the piers from a former railroad crossing. The railroad followed the Battenkill River all the way to the Hudson, then must have linked up to some also-gone western-shore tracks.

Off the bridge, back to Doug's car.

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