New York Roads - Hamilton CR 6

Hamilton CR 6

The WB street sign tells you where to find the EB curve sign, just into Hamilton County.

Pavement temporarily disappears for resurfacing work, so the 25 MPH warning is justified. Using a 48"x48" advisory sign next to a 36"x36" diamond sign is not justified. I can't think of when you would ever need an advisory sign that large.

WB at Zeke Park's Bridge, which crosses a tributary of Hatch Brook. I like how unpavement is referred to as "rough road." That's one way.

Where CR 6 crosses Hatch Brook itself, there's a stub of an old alignment that may officially be Hunt Rd., and it runs over the original Hatch Brook bridge. Barely. You can only get there from the east side.

Looking north from CR 6 at the old bridge, then looking north from there along Hatch Brook.

Hogan Rd. comes in at an angle. It stops, CR 6 doesn't.

Child route CR 6A, old CR 6

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