New York Roads - Hamilton CR 6A/old CR 6

Hamilton CR 6A, former CR 6

CR 6 now heads east on Benson Rd. to end at NY 30 by the mouth of Stony Creek, but it used to cross the creek and head down to meet NY 30 (using what's now Old State Rd. to Bridge St.) by Northville. With a new bridge over the Sacandaga River in the 1980s, NY 30 came in and stole away that part of CR 6. With a new bridge over Stony Creek, it also left part of the old county route intact, although the old bridge has been removed. That remnant is now CR 6A, unsigned but official. These photos head south on CR 6A on the northern stub that leads to Stony Creek Rd.

Quite the classy ending for this stub. I'm surprised they still made embossed Dead End Stop signs in the 1980s. Sacandaga Mountain rises to the west.

Back north past the back of the embossed sign to a wye. CR 6A heads left, which I only know because that leads to CR 6 WB. River Rd. heads right, crossing CR 6 to its historic dead end.

Now I'm heading north on the southern Stony Creek stub. So okay, they found two embossed signs, but with different designs. Either Hamilton County has a deep parts bin, NYSDOT gave them scraps out of theirs, or someone was still making these. Good decisions were made by someone.

Back out from the dead end, the pavement seam follows the old centerline of CR 6 into the middle of NY 30. Keep going "straight" onto Town Barn Rd. and find the signed segment of CR 6A, more of former CR 6. So yeah, despite appearances, none of this was ever old NY 30. Always pays to do your homework.

Parent route, modern CR 6

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