New York Roads - Ulster CR 6/6A

and CR 6A

At the same place as the EB shield atop the page (showing off the hidden designation County Highway 95). It's one of those old errors, so there are two reasons to put this sign up. No, the upside-down W posing as an M isn't the error. But you're only a few letters away.

A strange, narrow, low, and other adjectives overpass WB by the Mohonk Mountain House. CR 6 narrows down and loses its double yellow line. This bridge appears to only be for golf carts, because the railroad in this area followed the grade that heads off to the right in the last photo, meaning it was way down there and not up here on the bridge.

Switching off to CR 6A NB.

The NB and SB faces of a CR 6A sign at School Hill Rd. in High Falls.

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