New York Roads - Ulster CR 34/I-87 Old Exit 20

and I-87 (N.Y. Thruway) Old Exit 20

NB in Malden on old US 9W, where the mileposts seem to be highest. Does that mean the whole route is really east/west? Actually, that's not a milepost at all - it's the county's internal numbering system. CR 34 follows a few different roads, two of which are north-south connected by the east-west Malden Tpk., so of course the internal number keeps changing.

The unplowed ramp stub from CR 34 EB to the onetime southbound onramp to I-87, the New York Thruway. Unlike most toll-road junctions, Exit 20 both old and new has existed as a pair of ramps, instead of a trumpet arrangement. Both sides ended in channelized intersections at CR 34.

Around to the offramp side, where a path was plowed through the snow for access to one house, and down the old ramp to the guy's garage. Anyone who lives on an old concrete exit ramp scores major roadgeek points.

Back up the ramp to CR 34 - can't continue west through the snow, so gotta go east, across I-87, to the other half of the old interchange.

Turning left from CR 34 EB into the former northbound ramp. Unlike the southbound side, this side doesn't just dead-end, but continues around the far side of the rest area that was built on the site of the old interchange, serving the rest area (CC Slater presumes for employees, since the public usually doesn't get access to Thruway rest areas unless they're on the highway already).

Also unlike the southbound side, there are three legs to this ramp instead of two. I can't tell whether the middle leg is an offramp to CR 34 EB (which would cross the onramp from 34 EB) or whether it was both on- and off- ramp, in which case I just went the wrong way down the ramp to CR 34 WB in order to take the first four photos from this side above.

South from Malden Turnpike EB (CR 34 SB), up old NY 32 to current NY 32. The shield atop this page is NB from this point.

CR 34 NB to the top of the county.

Churchly closeups.

SB past the church and closeups of the original builders' etched initials.

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