New York Roads - Albany CR 301

The first WB shield has a reference marker below it, but it's not a state highway. However, NY 396, which just ended, is. This must be the exact changeover point.

WB and EB on just about the only Albany County route that uses regular-spec pentagons. Heck, even the 109 shields are the wide variety, and they seem to be about the same age.

CR 109 continues west on its own, wide-shielded way.

CR 301 WB ends like it began, with a narrow shield.

Like the shield atop the page, the only wide ones on this route seem to be the wrong ones. The one atop the page is a bona fide stencil-font shield, but this one looks like it was an aborted attempt to recreate the worst, most wrong style of shield Albany has used. It's supercali... it's just atrocious.

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