New York Roads - Orange CR 20/Moodna Viaduct

and Moodna Viaduct

Not how to design a pentagon shield.

I'll accept these EB and WB county-outline shields, from the generation prior to standardization, but I am not happy with the font.

Still older, with white legend, looking south along Clove Rd.

While I'm at the western end of CR 20, this house is on the north side of the road just before CR 27/Clove Rd.

The middle of the CR 20 EB split from the old alignment of NY 94.

The eastern and northern faces of the monument, completing the four battle names commemorated.
Moodna Viaduct

CR 20 WB up to this magnificent hidden gem.

Gratuitous structural views to the north.

And to the south, where most of the viaduct flies.

There's one other road that undercrosses the viaduct, Otterkill Rd., on the south side of Moodna Creek. With almost no structure on the south side of the road, my photos look ever north as I head EB under the viaduct to the west side. Otterkill starts at CR 27 and eventually comes back out to CR 20.
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