New York Roads - Washington CR 12

Washington CR 12

CR 12A SB, old NY 22 on the Truthville Loop.

Now turned north on CR 12, across the Mettawee River.

Southbound on a very much closed bridge just downstream, which used to carry Lower Turnpike down from CR 12 (which continued the name northward) to NY 22.

Heading back north from NY 22 in North Granville. Lower Tpk. follows the east side of the river, while Upper Tpk follows the west side. Makes me wonder if they were both really tolled turnpikes back in the day.

Looking west and east along the river.

Details of the bridge, some of which are slightly unsettling. That's why it's closed.

Back onto CR 12 and north to Whitehall, where the route ends but the road continues (as do the photos). Is that an outhouse, a church, or both? Holy s-

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