New York Roads - Washington CR 113

Washington CR 113, River Road

This is old. The original way a few counties marked their county routes was with the correct color scheme, but just the number in a rectangle - which is still better than some counties' practices of putting the number on barely legible 2-inch green diamonds. This is the only 3-digit county route designated in the county, well above the series that ends at 78 (CR 153 is a state highway number). Why?

Continuing south, embossed street sign in Clarks Mill or Clarks Mills, depending on the mood of the sign or the map (Google shows both, interestingly).

The bridge at Clarks Mill(s), taking CR 113 over the Battenkill River. Perspective is facing south from the east side of the bridge.

Traffic was light, so I present the perspective of a miniature llama crossing the old structure.

Despite the ice and snow, water still flows across the dam east of the bridge that provided power for the defunct pulp mill (presumably the Clarks pulp mill, and possibly more than one of them).

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