New York Roads - Ulster CR 11

This and the shield above are southbound. They both have little green markers beneath them, which are of course milemarkers. It appears that the first shield is at MP 10.8 and the second is at MP 1.6, but I only took the photos six minutes apart so clearly that's not the answer. Actually, CR 11 is County Highway 108 and CR 10 is County Highway 16. Why bother having two systems? The little arrows beneath the milemarker in this photo are a cute way to show where the route is going, but it would be nicer to have a full-size set.

The northern end of CR 11, Chapel Hill Rd. at a non-existent route. There are a spate of NY 9W shields popping up, but I have faith that they will all soon be restored to the US outline. As of 2009, though, instead of fixing the NY 9W shields, NYSDOT now has US 55 shields up instead. That would be NY 55, and US 44 (correctly), reached via US 9W (still incorrect). It's a contractor error but the state ought to see it and make them fix it. If one look isn't enough, follow the 9W link (Highland and north is the one you want).

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