New York Roads - Rockland CR 108

Rockland CR 108, old former NY 210

Yes, I said that right. It's the older of two alignments of a decommissioned highway.

The original route number for CR 108 shows up at the west end, which is now at CR 106 because NY 210 was pulled back to only follow the west shore of Greenwood Lake.

Skipping ahead to the east end of CR 108, which follows the Hudson River shore from Stony Point to West Haverstraw. By the end of the route, CR 108 EB is facing due west and turns directly into CR 94 WB, which is where the last two photos are. It would make more sense to transition the two routes on the north-south Beach Rd. instead of the east-west Railroad Ave.

Rotating from the northeast to the south as Grassy Point Rd. ends at the tip of Stony Point. Okay, so if this is Grassy Point, where is Stony Point? Next promontory north.

Rockland CR 106, newer old NY 210

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