New York Roads - Orange-Rockland CR 106

Orange and Rockland CR 106, former NY 210

Fall in Harriman State Park.

Random lakes along CR 106, the park road that isn't either Seven Lakes Drive or Lake Welch Parkway.

EB during a late summer sunset, looking north at Lake Stahahe.

The Rockland CR 106 shields look just fine, and nowhere is there a straggling NY 210 shield. But please, Orange County, go back to your original diamond-shaped shields, because you just can't do the pentagon thing.

Despite the old brown signs with the correct route number, no luck on the WB shield here either. Both of these are exiting the circle at Seven Lakes Drive.

An older westbound PIP shield with an arrow that must have replaced a real arrow after NYSDOT gave up this road.

Back to the circle for a sunset view along Lake Kanawauke.

CR 106 EB at Cedar Flats Rd., former Rockland CR 69.

Rockland CR 108, even older NY 210

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