New York Roads - Bronx River Pkwy.

Bronx River Parkway

The southern end of the Parkway, first photo courtesy Doug Kerr. I like the button-copy red sign.

All NB. Since I have nowhere better to say it, there are median milemarkers that reset at the Westchester County line, while the mileposts on the sides of the road keep count from the southern terminus, giving two sets of miles to confuse you.

All SB. Click on the last photo for an earlier version showing the Exit 5 advance sign pre-replacement, courtesy Doug Kerr. The first photo in this run is also from Doug.

Continuing the SB run a little further.

This stretched shield is on the road leading from NB/SB Exit 6 and the Bronx Zoo parking lot.

Looking east at the never-replaced underpass for Leewood Dr. at Exit 9. Well, the facade was replaced on top, and the rock retaining walls are new, but traffic still has to stop on either side of the underpass. It actually doesn't get in the way too badly, because westbound traffic can come through to Bronx River Pkwy. before eastbound traffic turns onto it. "No turn on red" for the BRP NB is key.

Miniature shield detail on an inexplicably brown milemarker, courtesy Adam Moss. Just because it's a Parkway doesn't mean the signs should be appropriate for Parks.

SB at Exit 11. I can't even come up with a joke explanation for this.

The original two-lane bridge that took Bronx River Parkway over a railroad line just south of Taconic Parkway still carries the northbound lanes.

This is at the northern end of Bronx River Parkway, at... no, NY 22. A common error, repeated on I-287.

NY 22 and the Taconic never meet, but Bronx River Parkway will take you there very quickly, here at the circle between the two Parkways.

Looking north from the Bronx River Pkwy./Taconic Pkwy. circle at the dam containing the Kensico Reservoir. It's this dam that stops Bronx River Parkway, because there's not enough room among the lake, the surrounding trees, and NY 22 to stick a parkway.

That same dam extends to the east and then crosses over the SB connection from NY 22 to the circle - the top of the Parkway - making for an old and unique type of overpass. (Think about it - when have you tunneled from one side of a dam to the other?)

Just south of Kensico Dam, this bridge carries NY 22 over the northbound Parkway just before it ends, seen from the SB lanes.

Exit 2 to I-278, the Bruckner Expressway
Exit 4 to I-95, the Cross Bronx Expressway
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Onto NY 22
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