New York Roads - Broadway, Kingston/Old US 9W

Broadway, Kingston (former US 9W)

Two views of the Kingston-Port Ewen Suspension Bridge from Rondout Landing on the namesake Creek at the bottom of Broadway in Kingston. The bridge opened in 1921, completing the route of what became the first iteration of US 9W until the new bridge took it away in 1978. Originally, this bridge did not land in Kingston but rather Rondout, which was since absorbed into the city.

The remains of W. Pierpont St. down the hill to Broadway. It's a perfectly functional bluestone sidewalk, but the old cobblestone road was judged too steep for modern traffic and allowed to return to nature. It was even cut off below the one driveway on the north side, which still crosses the sidewalk as you see in the penultimate photo. I think the street needs a good mow.

Looking up at the back of the auditorium, towering formidably over Broadway. It would take some kind of emergency to get anyone to use those stairs.

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Delaware Ave. EB from the split where Broadway heads downhill to the photos you just saw.

WB until NY 32 turns onto Broadway, ending this page. The assembly would be a lot clearer with more signs - a "TO" above 213, and a second pair of left and through arrows on the bottom.

These treasures are hidden to the casual roadgeek. Not surprisingly, these are by the tracks that cross over Broadway. To get there, find Susan St. off of Pine Grove Ave.

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