New York Roads - Albany Co.

Albany County

CR 6 has a yellow stop sign on a driveway, or at least most of one (I can't tell if that's a broken sign or if something got in the way).

It also has mismatched NB signs leaving NY 85. They don't need to be this wide, but first let's get the right colors.

Albany County's typical wide shield is very out of place on single-digit routes like 6, and on the narrow 11 SB in Reidsville. The county formerly used a white legend instead of the standard yellow.

1920's state-sign style, arguably not a state sign though, on Old Niskayuna Road. Then again, Old Niskayuna Rd. leads straight from NY 378 to NY 7 (cut off by the airport now), so maybe it was.

NY 140 turns here from Cherry Ave. to Kenwood Ave., and given Albany's propensity for the wide CR shield I'll let that slide. I won't let the font slide - it looks like someone copied the CAD file font instead of substituting the correct FHWA Highway font.

Albany likes the wider shields, and this is about the right pattern, but it still looks wrong. It's lasted at least into 2012, as has the Russell Road signal, EB on Sand Creek Rd.

NY 158 (here SB) is full of old reference markers.

Both SB.

CR 203 NB/EB and turning onto 306. Albany has a habit of slipping into this quasi-stencil font that almost looks hand-applied.

County route numbers are grouped in Albany County, so all of the 300's are near each other as are all of the single- and double-digit routes. Compare these to the CR 154 shield and, except for the stenciled font in the first photograph, you'll see what these do right and 154 did wrong - the 154 shield droops.

More of that font, EB, but on a much better county shield blank than the adjacent 360. The outline doesn't even follow the border! Speaking of borders, one is needed as I continue east toward Rensselaerville.

While I'm still in the 350s, here's CR 354 WB, the continuation of NY 81 along Potter Hollow Rd. The yellow on green signage seems to be a Schoharie County thing, based on what I saw farther west along this same road on NY 990V. The whole road should be made into 81, which eliminates the awkwardness of a reference route being fully signed.

CR 411 SB hits the end of the county, but Newry Rd. jogs west to become Newry Lane as Greene CR 37.

The end of Broadway in Watervliet north of 25th St.; it's a stub because it was cut off by I-787.

Eagle St. SB by the South Mall in Albany. Not all historical signs in NY are erected by the state; the arches on top of this one mark it as one from the college (state ones usually have the state outline on top, unless they're very old).

Make this green historical sign #2 that I've ever seen, and both are several miles west of Albany. This one, made by the Town of Guilderland, is on the WB side of Foundry St. in Guilderland, photographed EB and WB.

All courtesy John Krakoff. The first photo is along Broadway and the second is in Lincoln Park, both in the city of Albany itself.

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