New York Roads - 7 Lakes Dr.

Secret NY 981G-987E

1/7 of Seven Lakes Drive, which traces a southwest-northeast line through Harriman State Park. It is not meant to be the fastest way between its endpoints.

Looking west at Lake Skannatati just north of the CR 106 circle, which is where the shield at top is located. This is the only other parkway in New York I know of that uses the Palisades Interstate Parkway template.

If you count carefully, there are only six lakes along Seven Lakes Drive. Although unsigned, the road technically continues off Exit 19 of the Palisades Parkway and heads east, past these sights, to eventually connect to US 9W and US 202 south of the Bear Mountain Circle. The seventh lake is actually at Exit 19, so the rest of Seven Lakes Drive is really a No Lakes Drive.

Seven Lakes Drive replaced Johnsontown Road, Rockland CR 97
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