Nevada Roads - US 93

US 93

US 93, don't know which direction, at old US 40/temporary I-80 in 1976, courtesy Michael Summa.

The SB triplex breakup and NB heading toward Ely, taken in 1983 by Michael Summa.

All other photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Flamingo Rd. EB, NV 592. Now that painted shields are in the MUTCD (I forget if they are already or will be in the 2009/2010 update), expect to see them popping up all over the place.

SB views of the ongoing dualization of existing US 93 that then breaks off into a new freeway alignment. It will avoid the hairpins on both sides of the Hoover Dam and have a great view of the dam from the south. The problem will be getting drivers not to sightsee from the new road but only from the old one.

This is why the bypass is getting built. There are no plans to extend I-515 down toward I-40 in Arizona, but the corridor deserves a freeway anyway.

The soaring arch bridge just starts coming across the Colorado River; the Nevada side is still on the approach, but the Arizona side has begun the base of the arch.

The queue looks prettier on the Arizona side as it winds up the hilltop. People seem to love to say "I stopped on the Hoover Dam for photos instead of parking!" Oh, Lou tells me there's a security checkpoint in there too, and I'm sure that doesn't help matters. The old stub of a bridge in the second photo looks like it was the original (pre-dam) alignment of US 93 on the Arizona side, and is now used as a parking lot for something.

The best vantage point is the hardest to get to.

The Nevada and Arizona sides of the bridge seen from the Dam.

Lake Mead is looking a little low today.

Details of the dam from 1935 and 1955.

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