Nevada Roads - Misc. Summa Photos

Michael Summa Miscellany

All photos, obviously, taken by Michael Summa.

US 395 NB nearing Steamboat Springs. The US 395 freeway bypass now begins directly ahead, heading up to Reno, but the freeway ends at NV 431 and is to be continued further south to Carson City. That freeway is secretly I-580, which is helping it get funded. None of this was relevant in 1983, the date of this photo.

Old-looking font, NV 341 S/EB at its other end, US 50, also in 1983.

US 395 NB heading out of California in 1983.

More old-font signs, though Michael tells me the orange color was a new development in 1976. These were found in that year in Elko, just off I-80.

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