Nevada Roads - NV 604/Las Vegas Blvd.

NV 604 and Las Vegas Boulevard

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro. Once the entire length of Las Vegas Boulevard was NV 604 (formerly NV 6, even more formerly US 91), but gradually the city absorbed pieces of it and the whole chunk south of McCarran International Airport was turned over to Clark County. Most of NV 604 begins at Owens Ave. north of I-515 (US 93/US 95), but this page includes the much smaller 630-foot southern piece of 604. My bet is it won't last two more years.

One of the problems with constantly signing I-215 as a LOOP is that this (SB) mistake can happen. It's an Interstate loop, not a Business Loop.

This sign keeps getting moved south with development, so it's now opposite the airport. The circles behind "WELCOME" are actually silver dollars, from back when dollars were rightfully still silver.

NV 593, Tropicana Ave., westbound at NV 604. This is the tiny appendix of NV 604, officially designated for 289 feet south of the intersection with NV 593 and 341 feet to the north. Considering that Tropicana Ave. is a state highway and therefore the intersection is state-maintained anyway, having such a short section of maintenance seems redundant and just confuses anyone reading the route logs. LJ Johnson says that the pedestrian bridges may have been constructed and may still be maintained by NDOT, which I can't confirm. He also points out that it's "baffling" to have I-15 traffic turning left when there's a perfectly good interchange straight ahead, and I agree enough to include that comment here.

Obviously not state signage near that intersection, on the MGM Grand property. Maybe California has tried to sabotage them? But the California state-name shield looks even worse than the Nevada one.

The NV 604 shield was ripped off of this NV 592 (Flamingo Rd.) eastbound BGS. There are five eastbound lanes heading away from I-15, two added by 15 NB (where everyone comes from Los Angeles, both Californians and East Coast tourists alike), and then there are a total of seven at this intersection before order is restored. For the widest intersections with the most total lanes of practically anywhere in the world, turn to Las Vegas Boulevard.

Button copy sneaks into the palm trees of the median northbound near St. Louis Ave.

SB at E. Charleston Blvd. with the Stratosphere Hotel-Casino in the background. See, this is what a real state-name shield looks like.

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