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Thanks to LJ Johnson for some info on this page.

The first photo is obviously westbound, and the second photo also is, at mile 12 - some of the last button copy in Nevada. The final photo, which has nonreflective background AND letters (it should be a lot narrower with the town names on two lines), is eastbound leaving Reno and original to the highway. All three are courtesy John Krakoff.

Some of the amazingly varied scenery of central nowhere, Nevada, eastbound courtesy Lou Corsaro. The intervening tunnel is the Carlin Tunnel in Elko County, so named for Carlin Canyon on the Humboldt River. The "Tunnel" is actually four tunnels - two for rail and two for road - and one of the roadway tunnels carried US 40 for a few years before the Interstate system, though the original route to the north of the mountain remains intact for local use.

All remaining photos are courtesy Michael Summa and were taken in 1976.

WB in Reno; in the first photo, you can see in the background evidence that Nevada followed California's example of median-mounted exit distance signs. I wonder if anyone could read "CIVIC CENTER" at speed - doesn't matter, because it doesn't say that anymore.

Button copy and a tiny shield, WB west of Carlin.

I-80 WB at NV 51, which is now NV 278. What, you don't believe that I-80 WB has a left turn? What if I told you that Carlin in fact was behind us, and I-80 ran through the middle of town? That's because US 40 was decommissioned east to Utah before I-80 was complete, and Nevada signed the Interstate as if the surface two-lane were it - as opposed to a TEMPORARY banner. Notice that Nevada joined Massachusetts once in having arrows through shields on little green signs (LGS's).

Truckers usually don't get such a great invitation anymore, leaving trucks on shoulders and ramps overnight instead. Or, just maybe, this is an advance exit sign east of Wells.

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