Nevada Roads - I-/Clark CR 215

I-215 and Clark CR 215

All ground-level photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

WB on the top side of the bypass, which does not yet have any freeway overpasses built. At each future interchange, the highway just comes down and back up the exit ramps. Lamb Boulevard doesn't even exist yet to the right - by the time Clark County gets to finishing the freeway, I'm sure there will be enough development up here to warrant it.

An aerial view of the Losee Road and Pecos Road intersections in 2013, to become interchanges.

While I'm up there, this is what passes for the I-15 terminal interchange. Ignore the sharply curving Range Road, we're focused on the widening roadways of CR 215 and the abrupt T interchange thereafter. Tropical Parkway is yet to be built to extend it east, and the freeway-freeway movements for I-15 NB don't yet exist in the CR 215 median.

Again WB, but now on the bottom side of the bypass (clockwise). As I commented on the I-15 page, the LOOP above the 215 is decidedly nonstandard (the only LOOPs say BUSINESS on top instead of INTERSTATE... and are white on green). The 2di width of the shield is also nonstandard. These show up both on the ground and in the air on signs.

Now a closer look at the special Clark County shield for the one route that gets a special shield, WB on the I-215 frontage road at Las Vegas Boulevard. It says CLARK COUNTY NEVADA around the diamond with a nonstandard 215 on the inside. Why can't it be a standard county shield (see Florida's Osceola Parkway), or even better, a state highway?

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