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NB courtesy Mike Natale via Doug Kerr. I-215 is slowly making its way around the Clark CR 215 beltway, in that one by one the overpasses are getting built to convert intersections into interchanges. It will take a continuing flow of money to bring this beltway all the way around the north side of Las Vegas and back to I-15, and only at that point will it be I-215. Now the question is, why did the county undertake this highway without getting substantially funded by state and federal money? LJ Johnson postulates that the ability to get around some environmental requirements could have spurred that decision by Clark County taxpayers.

SB courtesy Lou Corsaro, then on the ramp courtesy Mike Natale again (and again via Doug Kerr). In this direction it's a lot harder to tell from the advance sign which way to go for the airport. Why does 215 West need to be a destination for West 215? Must be absolutely nothing out there. Many of the I-215 signs have LOOP in the top where it doesn't belong, since that's reserved for Business Loops with the white-on-green color scheme, and they're also too narrow. Las Vegas Boulevard was NV 604 all the way through the city for awhile but most of it is now city-maintained.

Not button copy, but still non-reflective, dating to the original construction of I-15. LJ Johnson says these are about to be replaced (make a sad face with me). The last sign is the other end of CR 215, and it's not signed to the east because the beltway isn't going that way. It's also a rare (says LJ) instance of the Clark County shield without a yellow square background.

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