Nevada Roads


US 6 - taken by Michael Summa in 1983
Old US 91 - taken by Michael Summa in 1986
US 93
I- and Clark CR 215
I-80 - taken by Michael Summa in 1976
Other historical Michael Summa photos
NV 604 and Las Vegas Boulevard

Right: Wendover Will, who used to greet travelers entering Nevada on US 40 (now I-80 Business), or wave farewell as they headed east again. He was born in 1952 from the head of Wendover Will Smith, a service station and casino owner, and replaced a tall light on a pole, one of the best sign replacements that has ever occurred. Equally famous (by which I mean, ever heard of either one) Vegas Vic was also born at this time. Wendover Will is officially the world's largest mechanical cowboy, since Guinness needed to distinguish him from the non-mechanical cowboys, at 63 feet tall. His arms wave, his eye winks, and he even flicks his cigarette to the delight of young teenagers.

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