Northern Territory Roads - Barkly Hwy. NH 66

Barkly Highway, NH 66

All photos are westbound.

When the road is this straight and empty, you get to enjoy Australia's highest speed limits, but you may also need to pull over at some point because there is just nothing else to reset your brain. Rest areas may offer tables (not crosses, mind you), but shade may be tough to come by - any oasis tends to become a full-on service area.

The south end of Tablelands Highway, SR 11, then continuing west from there. The best destination from SR 11 is just "To Stuart Hwy", because Three Ways is pretty much just a name given to the fact that a T intersection has 3 corners. Tennant Creek has actual, y'know, stuff.

When your road goes perfectly straight through a desert, why is there a need to bend it? This is actually construction of the new Kittle rest area, 73 km east of Three Ways. It's fully paved and striped for three lanes with broken lane lines, but I gather you're supposed to pull off to one of the outer lanes to rest and leave the centre lane open. It's just weird. (And neither services nor shade, as I noted above.)

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