New South Wales Roads - M1


All photos on the motorway are northbound.

A vaned CMS supplements a fixed overhead panel at Irvine St. in Wollongong. I suppose flashing lights and an EXIT CLOSED or similar message will get the point across even though the other sign won't change.

Under Sydney Airport's runways.

B83 NB in Mount Colah. B83 is the old NH 1 that became M1 in this area, and the F3 Freeway is the old number for what is currently M1. Sydney had an F- system for freeways until the mid-90s.

Speaking of B83 and old NH 1, it crosses the Hawkesbury River on the 1945 Peats Ferry Bridge just east of M1.

After those two trusses are gone, you can see more in the eastern distance. That's the 1946 Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge, a replacement for the original that was the last link in the line from Adelaide to Brisbane.

Burns Rd. WB at Pacific Hwy. in Ourimbah. The old NH 1 is unnumbered here, but the new M1 is numbered as NH 1 to make up for it. Patched, no less. So... just replace that patch? (I bet there's a Metroad 1 shield under there.)

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A43, old NH 1/Pacific Hwy.
Bradfield Hwy./Harbour Br., old NH 1

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