New South Wales Roads - A25

A25, Barton Highway

What's this, an old alignment? I guess I will just drive right onto it, then. You'll find this segment travelling north nearing the Jeir Creek crossing. There's no reason to allow this divergent movement, since there's a cross driveway up ahead that provides ample access for the one household remaining on the old road, and it invites chaos if someone is travelling at night at high speed and heads straight instead of right. (You'll see why shortly.)

Continuing north to the end of the alignment, which still has reflectors as well as fresh striping and therefore seems every bit a major road. You don't want to be hitting the A25 embankment at 90 km/h.

Heading back south the way I came, with the road shifting to the right to avoid the embankment for the new A25. Okay, it's not so dramatic, in that the cable guiderail encourages you to the right before the opening for the bypassed highway, but again, why even have this opening? The new highway exists to provide a gentler curve at the junction with the unnamed cross driveway.

Clearly, the 2000s are a boom time for A25, between all the recently created old alignments and this widening project in Murrumbateman to add wide shoulders and a wider hatched centre line (at least 1 metre between lanes).

What's this, another old alignment? I apparently can't drive right onto it, but that doesn't stop me from finding my way!

Continuing past a former truck parking area to Longrail Gully Rd.

And that's as far as I can get, thanks to a fence closing the lion's share of interesting alignment. The next access at Gounyan Rd. is also fenced, so I guess someone owns this whole road now. Lucky bint. (Please note that I make no representations regarding the ability to access the far northern end of the alignment at Marchmont. It may be unfenced.)

Since I'm stuck here, I'll look west on the former alignment of Longrail Gully Rd. (before it was extended to the new A25, as you can see to the right), then east on an old driveway cut off by the Longrail Gully Rd. extension. (The remaining driveway still exists east of A25.)

Back south to where I "exited" A25. This alignment also has fresh striping and reflectors, and was in fact only closed between 2009 and 2013.

Wistful westward glances at the undrivable old alignment north of Longrail Gully Rd.

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