New South Wales Roads - A15

A15, New England Highway

All photos were taken northbound.

Photos pick up from my A43 page (see link at bottom) as A15 crosses the future M15 SB carriageway to merge onto the NB M15 Hunter Expwy. as it ends into the New England Hwy.

That sign used to indicate the start of the divided highway, but construction has split the paths a little farther south. Soon, M15 will flow into this as a seamless dual carriageway.

The NH 15 shield is your clue that this sign needs to be patched. This is now A15 at B84.

Entering downtown Muswellbrook, with the 1893 Royal Hotel to the left and the 1871 Muswellbrook "School of Arts" (now Regional Arts Centre) to the right at William/Market Streets. Buried in my photo was a stray NH 15 shield that should have been patched with A15.

Leaving Muswellbrook. Well, A15 isn't a National Highway anymore! (It's still a national highway, but lower case.)

Since I crossed the Hunter River in Aberdeen, the old NB bridge has been removed, sadly replaced by the soulless span you see under construction to the left. The old SB bridge fortunately remains, albeit reduced to a pedestrian path.

Finishing my way across with a look back at the last time you'll see both bridges together and occupied.

Plenty of unpatched NH 15 shields remain on A15. The first is in downtown Scone, which isn't even A15 anymore thanks to a new bypass.

From a few kilometres south of Moonbi, to an old alignment with a long-gone bridge at Jalna Road/Poison Swamp Creek.

Another old alignment crosses Carlisles Gully north of Bendermere.

A look back south over the old bridge.

Into Uralla, first photo at John St.

There is so much going on at this junction. Obviously you have NH 15 not patched on the first sign. Then there's SR 78 on all the signs, but it's now B78. And then you have TD 18 patched onto the first sign, and patched over on the last sign (it used to be co-signed with SR 78).

This ancient sign may yet stand on the left turn ramp to Sandon St. in Guyra.

Into Tenterfield at dusk, out of Tenterfield at dawn to the 1888 Sunnyside Rail Bridge over Tenterfield Creek. It was part of the Main North Line until Australia went to standard gauge rail.

More views of the decaying but still graceful timber queen post truss viaduct. (That's a lot of nouns, but the type of truss is "queen post", it's made of timber, and it's a viaduct.) Australia/NSW lack the funds to repair it but have the heart not to demolish it.

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