New Mexico Roads - US 70

US 70

EB through the White Sands area, best known for the Trinity nuclear test wherein the first A-bomb ever deployed turned the desert sand into glass. There's a nuclear museum just off US 70 (on NM 213) and this missile monument along the highway.

Older sign inside the White Sands National Monument, which has the actual sands that are white as opposed to the nuclear site. It's still worth checking out. (The superfine sand actually brought my camera's zoom back from the dead.)

EB entering Alamogordo. Where do I begin? First of all, Junction should be all capital letters and the 54 number should be black. Next, the overhead sign needs a tremendous amount of help to distinguish which roads are accessed in which lane. (It looks like US 54 South and North are together off the same exit, which they are not.) Third, signs need to be replaced as they age, not left to rot or patched over with a smaller sign that really doesn't do the job. That beautiful scenery is just ruined.

Old US 70 WB in the Mescalero area, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

US 70/380 WB split here. Neither one junctions the other, because both are together. It ought to be simple.

I-10 and US 70/I-10
US 54 and old US 54/70/82 in Alamogordo

White Sands National Monument
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Into Arizona on I-10
Organ Mountains
, Tularosa Valley, and US 70/380 scenery
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