New Mexico Roads - US 66

Former US 66

EB at I-40 Exit 36 east of the end of NM 118, and WB at NM 129 in Newkirk.

Former US 66 from west to east:
NM 118
NM 122
NM 124
Mesita to Correo
Rio Puerco Bridge
NM 313 (original Santa Fe route)
Central Ave., Albuquerque (newer route)
NM 333
Business I-40, Moriarty
US 84/Business I-40, Santa Rosa
Quay County
~ Business US 54 and Tucumcari
~ San Jon

Washes, which are cheaper than bridges, EB in Guadelupe County. They work fine until it rains.

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Into Texas on old US 66
US 66 non-roads photos in New Mexico
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