New Mexico Roads - US 54/old 70/82

US 54, former US 54/70/82

SB near the Texas border, with some apparently Texas-style signs. I wish I could say EB, but this is one even-numbered route with an odd-numbered soul (it goes mostly north-south). The big white sign could use some outlines on the shields to give them some shape.

I only know of one cutout shield in either direction. The SB one looks like it came from a BGS, but the outline on the NB one legitimizes it.

NB on the former triplex through Alamogordo. US 82 now begins from US 54/70 on the north side of town (where the old route that I'm on here meets the current bypass or "relief" route), instead of the useless multiplex with US 70 west to Las Cruces that it once followed. But since US 54/70 now follow the "relief route" along the west side of Alamogordo, the signs are no longer under state jurisdiction, so no one's gotten around to taking them down.

The SB/WB signs are quite a bit newer than the NB/EB signs, and lack US 82ness.

NB at what was the turn to the International Space Hall of Fame, but that doesn't fit on the brown sign below the little patch. Was it Space H.O.F. Museum, or else what went under there that was somewhat less than 7 letters?

NB to the end of the old road. The relief route/bypass was routed to come right into the old US 54/70/82 junction, creating a four-way intersection.

NB at the US 84/Business I-40/old US 66 junction.

I-40 and US 54/I-40
Onto (current) US 70 alone

Business US 54/old US 66, Tucumcari

Into Texas on US 54
US 54/70 Tularosa Valley scenery
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