New Mexico Roads - US 380

All photos are westbound.

Whatever this was, it's now the Western Bar and Grill.

Into Tatum, first town west of Texas.

Out the other side. I wonder if the same artist who set up on the west side of town with the horse and saxophonist silhouettes is responsible for the silhouette street names in town?

Cheating, this photo is out my side window looking eastward, just as a counterpart to the WB MP 228.

I assume the older 380 is the one on the right, and if it's good enough to be left there, I wish NM never erected the new one.

Too many digits for one shield. Are they all necessary? Even the hyphen?

You can't junction a route that you're on, and in this case, you're on both of them.

When NM shields get old, the zia (the red ring) fades. When NM shields are new, the problem is apparently that the shields end up misproportioned and on one-piece signs. No, really, this is an aberration. The zia is not supposed to take up 3/4 of the usable space of the route shield.

Saving the best for last, but only because it's the farthest west, NM has precious few shields that are so old they don't reflect at night. These can't be long for the world.

Roswell sights (Non-Roads) on US 380 - and I don't mean UFOs

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