New Mexico Roads - Old US 66 - Rio Puerco Br.

Former US 66: Rio Puerco Bridge

Exiting the Route 66 Casino at I-40 Exit 140. The signs are actually more awful than the photographs make them look. I was only here because I saw a Rio Puerco Bridge sign on I-40 - I had no clue what was off the exit, and you can't see the bridge when heading EB until it's too late.

The bridge was built in 1933 by the Kansas City Structural Steel Company, and erected by F. D. Shufflebarger of Albuquerque. I just wanted to type that name. At 250 feet, this Parker through truss was one of the longest bridges in New Mexico when it was built in 1933 and for many years after. It was remodeled in 1957, and bypassed by what had been old 66 in 1999, but preserved by the New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department.

Driving by the bridge EB on the realigned frontage road. Since the bridge is old US 66, you might call the frontage road new old 66. They want you to drive on the wrong side of the road - it was turned into a one-way parking lot, but at least parking is encouraged.

EB across the bridge and looking east on the former US 66 until its truncation.

The view to the south.

Now WB across the bridge. An old pre-1999 shoulder stripe lingers to the right in the last photo.

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