New Mexico Roads/Non-Roads - NM 556/Tramway Blvd.

Tramway Blvd. runs up the east side of Albuquerque, between the city and the Sandia Mountains. That makes it the collector for the east side of the city, what in many places (like Phoenix) would have been a loop freeway. Instead, as a surface route, it gets a bunch of wooden arches to keep pedestrians and vehicles happy, and in that last photo they almost go together in a discordant harmony (yes, I know that's an oxymoron).

Life on the side of the Sandias.

NM 556 very slowly climbs in elevation until the northeast corner of the city, and then falls back as it turns 90 degrees away from the mountains. These photos look west from right around that corner, the first one along NM 423.

Looking north and east in that same area.

Hills to the west on the far side of the Rio Grande.

One last look to the east - actually a fragmented panorama.

And one last look to the north.

Southeast and southwest views.

And, finally, looking west, with NM 556 snaking down the hill in the first photo.

Back to sign photos! These are on NM 47 NB at the triple end of that route and the two listed here. The circles are the older style for BGS/LGS (they're still used for standalone shields), while the oval sign needs an arrow to the right because NM 47 is not yet NM 556. Also, it goes east from here - the EW/NS direction change happens at that northeast corner I mentioned before, for the obvious reason of the 90-degree turn. The "South" sign is doubly wrong because it leaves off "Blvd." from "Tramway."

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